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We zijn op zoek naar jou!

Detricon zoekt een enthousiaste Onderzoeker/ Projectmedewerker om zijn team te versterken!
Ben jij gepassioneerd door labo-onderzoek en wil je bijdragen aan innovatieve projecten in de technologische sector?

Bij Detricon krijg je de kans om je kennis te delen en te groeien in een dynamische omgeving.


Detricon develops environmental technologies from lab scale to a market ready technology. The focus lies on the recovery of nutrients from nitrogen rich waste waters such as manure and digestate, through which circular products are produced for local use in agriculture and/or industry. Detricon is specialized in the recovery of ammonia nitrogen and its upgrading to a high-quality organic product.


A lot of existing systems today function sub-optimally, or were set up with a linear process flow in mind, whereas today, we need to think in a more circular way. Detricon is strongly committed to optimize existing processes by thorough analysis of the system. The engineers working at Detricon have strong modeling knowledge, so that systems can be described and optimized by models.


Further follow-up and care of the systems that are implemented at our customers is very important for us. For example, Detricon monitors its installations remotely, carries out on-site visits, technical maintenance and interventions. For the supply of acids and the sale of the ammonium salts produced, we work closely with Solvakem, who has been looking at circular solutions for high-quality secondary raw materials for more than 25 years.


Detricon develops technology that focuses on the principles of a circular economy. For this it is important to link this technology with other processes for optimal efficiency. To further investigate the synergy with other techniques, Detricon often works together in (European) projects and as part of a consortium can strengthen the impact of its technology.


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Founder and CEO


Technology engineer

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